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US Roofing Pros install different types of roofs, they repair these roofs and they maintain these roofs. This is done to prevent liquids or loose solids from getting into the building. Roofs are made of different materials: pitch, tar, asphalt, felt, urethane foam, glass fabric, metal roofing systems, shakes, roof tile, shingles, flax, slate and any other materials that provide waterproofing or weatherproofing of the building.

If you’re going to select a commercial roofing contractor in Los Angeles that is reliable, you’re going to have to know something about roofing or depend on reliable sources for that information. Does the contractor know what type of roof to install on each individual building? Can he advise the customer or the owner of the building as to what would be best for that building? Durability and efficiency are very important. “Cool Roofs” are important to understand because they conserve energy by reflecting the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere. Does he understand all about the latest flat roofing systems; PVC, TPO and EPDM?

The next question is, can that contractor give you a comprehensive roof inspection at an ideal price with a thorough maintenance program so that your roof will last a long time? Does that contractor have an annual maintenance program that will give you sufficient preventative maintenance? US Roofing Pros offers all of these necessities. Our goal is to 100% satisfy our client’s needs. We also know that a close business relationship is essential to keeping that roof maintained. If the client is not afraid to call us because of our excellent communication skills then communication will not get in the way of a superior roof. We build a quality roof as well as maintaining effective, friendly ongoing relationships with our customers.

We are as close as your telephone. We know how important it is to have speed involved in fixing a leaking roof. We are experienced with over 30 years in the roofing business. We have installed thousands of roofs and gutters. Our re-roofing projects are too numerous to mention. Wood shakes, tile roofs, asphalt shingles, standing seam metal roofs, roof coatings and single ply, flat roof systems arejust the start of what we can handle. Looking for solar roofing, Roofing In Los Angeles is the place to look. Our professional, personal touch sets us aside from most roofers. No roofing job is too big or too small and we can respond 24/7.

We are fully licensed, qualified and insured in the state of California. We are certified in almost every aspect of roofing. We have full Workmen’s Compensation and general liability insurance. We do not skip steps to save money. We do it right the first time so there doesn’t have to be a second time.

Residential roofing, commercial roofing or any other kind of roofing is our business. We are in this for the long haul so that you don’t have to worry about your roof over time. Industrial, commercial and high-tech customers demand the kind of service, dedication and professionalism we provide. We are the standard by which roofing companies are measured. The latest technology is always being studied, tested and applied by US Roofing Pros . This technology includes GAF, Malarkey, Johns Mansfield, Firestone, DuroLast, Carlisle and Flex single ply roofing in systems that meet Los Angeles title 24 cool roof requirements. Single ply “cool roofing” membrane applications is one of our specialties.

These new type of roofs demand better trained and more knowledgeable people than in days past. They have new chemical compositions that react differently than roofing materials of the past. We understand these differences and train our employees to understand these differences and this in turn allows us to tailor-make recommendations for each individual roof.

One thing that must not be overlooked is safety. We ensure the utmost safety by continual training and use of the latest certified tools. This way the roof is correctly adhered and installed with the utmost safety for our workers and customers.

We provide free inspections and estimates along with certified quality satisfaction and in some cases a 20 year roof warranty. Note: A 20 year roof warranty is virtually unheard of in the roofing industry. When a timeline is needed, we will show up on time, work hard and endeavor to get the job done on schedule at a fair price. When we leave, the job site is cleaner than when we arrived. You will be happy you called US Roofing Pros in Los Angeles to have your roof replaced or repaired. Call (310) 906-9991 now to get you a roof you will be proud of.